Shawsheen Tech Website Credits

Executive producer
Frank Urro (DirtSimple.NET)

Co-Producers (Web Site)
Adam Durkee Class of 2007
Joshua Kennedy (Class of 2009),
Jessica Lee (09)

Content Production
Respective Shawsheen Valley Tech Alumni Committees

Special Thanks to:
Superintendent Director Charles Lyons (for lighting this fuse)
Gail Poulten (for guiding the missile)
Don Meskie & Michael Sullivan - (ground crew management)
Alumni Committee - Newly formed, in flux, and very bleeding edge

Extra Special Thanks to:
Stephanie Mancini (In true Shawsheen spirit, I honestly think she never sleeps.)

Website - Unlike and is the authentic and very private community of Shawsheen Valley Tech graduates. Our committee's office and meeting room is located inside our very own SVTHS at 100 Cook St, Billerica MA. Our complete focus; to bring networking value to each and every alumni willing to participate. We are funded by, and all data managed by, the Shawsheen Valley Tech Alumni Association.