Shawsheen Valley Tech Alumni Association Committees

Chair: Robin Denucce Sgrosso (Class of 1980)
Co-Chair: Alita MacElhiney (Class of 1980)
Treasurer: Stephanie Gianoulis Mancini (Class of 1992)
Clerk: Jeff Kling (Class of 1979)
Clerk: Jamie Haratounian (Class of 1992)
Committee Chair: Lisamarie Fondini Proctor (Class of 1979)
Committee Chair: LaShanta Magnusson (Class of 1997)
Liaison: Gail Poulten (Faculty, English Department)

Reunion Committee Chair: Lisamarie Fondini Proctor
Hall of Fame Committee Chair: Alita MacElhiney
Scholarship Committee Chair: Michelle Powers (Class of 2004)
Roast Committee Chair: Stephanie Gianoulis Mancini
Fundraising Committee Chair: LaShanta Magnusson
Website Committee Chair: Frank Urro (Class of 1978)
Publicity/Advertisement Chair: Lois Goodell (Class of 1981)
Marketing Committee Chairs: Tara Murphy Olshaw (Class of 1981) and Brian Ray (Class of 1998)

If you would like to contact any of the above please try our Shawsheen Valley Tech Alumni Contact page